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Why Go Solar?

If you are here looking at our site, you probably already have an interest in solar. 

And you are not alone! 
Check out why other Homeowners have found solar to be the best way to go...

Rising Utility Rates

If your average electric bill seems higher than ever before, that’s because it is! In July 2019, the average price per kilowatt-hour (kWh—the unit of measurement for electricity) for the residential US was 13.3 cents, according to the US Energy Information Administration. At the start of 2001, the price of electricity was only 7.73 cents per kWh.


Renting vs Owning

Why did you choose to buy a house instead of renting one? 
You probably did it because you wanted to have control over your living space and build equity over time. 
This is the same reason people go solar.


Increased Home Value

Did you know that your house will sell faster and for more money if you have solar panels?


Sustainable Power

Why not be green if it will save you money at the same time!? 
The sun is way more sustainable than any coal fired power plant ever will be.

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